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Summer of Horror: Submission Roundup for June 2022

Welcome back for this month’s Submission Roundup! Lots of super cool opportunities in June and beyond, so if you’ve got a story seeking a home, one of these markets might be the right fit!

First, a disclaimer: I’m not a representative for any of these publications. Please direct your questions to their respective editors. And with that, onward with this month’s Submission Roundup!

Submission Roundup

Dracula Beyond Stoker
Payment: .05/word
Length: 1,500 to 5,000 words
Deadline: June 15th, 2022
What They Want: This new journal is seeking fiction that reimagines and expands upon the world of Dracula. For the inaugural issue, the theme is Dracula.
Find the details here.

Rites of Passage: An Anthology of Queer Pagan Fiction
Payment: $25 to $75/flat
Length: 2,500 to 7,500 words
Deadline: June 30th, 2022
What They Want: The anthology is seeking coming-of-age stories about queer pagans.
Find the details here.

Payment: .05/word for fiction and nonfiction; $50/flat for artwork and poetry
Length: up to 7,500 words
Deadline: June 30th, 2022
What They Want: Vastarien is seeking nonfiction, literary horror fiction, and poetry that’s inspired by Thomas Ligotti and related themes.
Find the details here.

Les Petites Morts: An Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales
Payment: .06/word
Length: 1,000 to 5,000 words
Deadline: Opens to submissions on July 1st, 2022
What They Want: The editors are seeking erotic horror stories inspired by folklore, fairy tales, and mythology. Please consider supporting their Kickstarter for the project!
Find the details here.

Nowhere Fast
Payment: .06/word
Length: 3,000 to 5,000 words
Deadline: October 28th, 2022
What They Want: This Clash Books anthology is open to coming-of-age horror inspired by 80s and 90s movies.
Find the details here.

Happy submitting!

Les Petites Morts: Interview with Hailey Piper

Welcome back! Today, I’m happy to be helping out with the promotion of Les Petites Morts: An Anthology of Erotic Horror Fairy Tales from Ghost Orchid Press. The project is currently up on Kickstarter and is over a quarter of the way funded already!

As part of this promotion, I recently interviewed contributor Hailey Piper about her story in the anthology!

What can you tell us about your new story in Les Petites Morts?

It’s a sapphic twist on the Greek myth of the sphinx, in which she’s sometimes offered sacrifices in lieu of riddle answers, and our heroine has become one such offering after getting on a king’s bad side for taking his queen’s attention.

Horror and eroticism have a long history of intertwining. What do you think is the draw of this particular subgenre? What are some of your favorite erotic horror stories and films?

I think horror and eroticism both indulge in visceral elements, and they make an easy couple. There’s both a seductive “wrongness” that draws some, wanting to see something they might consider repulsive, while for others there’s a freedom to indulge in the fiction’s fantasy, and that same thing seen as a repulsive element can instead be beautiful and alluring, which was how I approached scenes in this story, my novel Queen of Teeth, and other work.

As for favorites, Clive Barker really hits a sweet spot with some Books of Blood stories and the movie Hellraiser. I also love Go Down Hard by Ali Seay.

What in particular do you feel makes Les Petites Morts a unique anthology?

Focusing on fairy tales, folklore, and mythology for erotic horror both forces the erotic horror to dance with speculative elements of magic and monsters and sex within, but also invites the stories to play with foundational elements of our cultures, get into the tactile sensations of them, be that blood or other things. Plus I have so much faith in editors Evelyn Freeling and Antonia Rachel Ward, and a book of erotic horror is going to be a wonderful time. I can’t wait to read the other stories.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m finishing up one of my queer horror/weird crime chapbooks for Death’s Head Press, and I’m getting started on a new cosmic horror novella, plus some short stories sprinkled around.

Big thanks to Ghost Orchid Press and Hailey Piper! Please consider backing this fabulous new anthology over at Kickstarter today!

Happy reading!