Eclectic Artistry: Interview with Miracle Austin

Welcome back to this week’s author spotlight series! Today I’m thrilled to present the immensely talented Miracle Austin! Miracle has been published in numerous fantasy and horror magazines, and she’s currently branching out into young adult fiction. Through the course of our varied interview, it was an absolute joy learning about her creative process and where she plans to go from here as an author.

A few icebreakers to start: when did you first decide to become a writer, and who are some of your favorite authors?

Miracle AustinI’ve been writing since junior high and first hearing Drive by The Cars. I wrote mostly little poems, inspired by the music that I listened to.

In my teens, I eventually wrote a short story about a 13 year-old boy, Jobie, spending his summer with his best friend, kissing a girl for the first time, and coping with his untimely death. It was called My Last Summer. I’m sure I misplaced it or threw it away years ago. I do still think of Jobie, the character, from time to time. May reinvent him one day….

I wrote off and on throughout my teen, early adult, and mid adult years, but always had pauses in life. I must confess that I’m a late bloomer to the publishing writing world.

Honestly, it took a very dark event to occur in my life that propelled me into the writing world, full-speed, where I now consider myself a constant writer. Writing is now my therapeutic playground in many ways.

It’s something how darkness can lead to light and my light was rediscovering my passion of writing…

My favorite authors: Alvin Schwartz, David Lubar, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, Langston Hughes, The Brothers Grimm, William Shakespeare, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, R.L. Stine, Charlain Harris, Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Virginia Hamilton, Rachel Caine, and so many others….These authors inspire me because of the various levels of horror, intrigue, and magic they express in their writings…

You often write in the horror genre. What initially drew you to horror, and do you have any recommendations for other authors interested in delving into the darker recesses of fiction?

I now consider myself a YA/NA Cross-Genre author. I enjoy horror/suspense genres, but not limited to. I must confess that a horror/suspense AM radio station podcast my mom and I used to listen to years ago and two movies, Squirm and Carrie have been my biggest influences to write in the horror/suspense genres.

Sirens Call Issue 19I believe that if someone wishes to delve into the horror-writing world, then by all means do so. Never allow anyone to say that it’s impossible( Remember I’m Possible!) or you cannot do it because you can. Just have to believe in yourself and some positive energy. Allow yourself to not only read horror works, but diverse works because you never know when your next “Oh, yeah, that’s it…The Big Idea!!!” will find you. Keep your mind open and allow all sorts of ideas to fly in freely, keep the ones you want and tuck the other ones away for future assessment…

I love your website. It’s a great combination of your published work as well as lists of your favorite stories, authors, films, and music. What are you currently watching/reading/listening to, and how is it affecting your creative process?

Wow, thank you for your lovely comments about my website, Gwendolyn. Means a lot.

Just finished watching the first season of The Strain on Hulu. I’m so glad that I didn’t let it pass me by because it is one of the best horror/suspense series I’ve watched in awhile. Great story and characters! Cannot wait for season two, which starts next week. If you like vampires and amazing new twists, then you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend. Sure the series rocks. Will be placing on my reading list soon.

I’m watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager now on Netflix. Love it and the world of teens. It has five seasons and several episodes, so it will keep me busy for a bit. I watch an episode or two each day, when breaking from writing/organizing my thoughts and all.

I listen to all types of music when I write. I’m now currently listening to a mix and the song playing as I complete your interview is “I could never take the place of your man” by cutie-pie, Jordan Knight, originally with New Kids on the Block.

I’m currently reading two books by two author good buddettes, The Countess (a series) by Holly Hudspeth and Midnight Outbreak by Brandy Corona. They both rock!! Check these ladies out on Amazon and their websites!

Movies, music, and reading all impact my writing all the time. It gives me future ideas and allows my writing to flow…

The Dead WalkOut of your published pieces so far, do you have a personal favorite?

“The Meat Lover’s Special” (found in Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem) and “The Study Break” (found in The Dead Walk).

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m in the process of my first collection of short stories to be published within the next few months, I pray. It’s called Boundless and a very eclectic collection of diverse themes of horror/suspense, betrayal, love, fantasy, and more. It’s one where the reader can really open her/his mind up to anything being possible, I mean anything…

I’m currently working on my first stand-alone novel with supernatural and comedic elements called Lonestar UnOrdinary Girl.

I’m also working on a novelette called The Doll, tentative title, about a little tale involving a mean teen girl, outcast teens, and a little witchcraft. Gotta Be careful what you wish for sometimes…

Where would you like your writing career to be in five years?

I pray to be writing full-time and hopefully a few novels on my bookshelf with more to come…

Big thanks to Miracle Austin for being part of this week’s author series! You can find her on her website as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Also, keep your eye out for her short story collection coming soon from Bathory Gate Press!

Happy Reading!