The Invention of Ghosts

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It starts with rapping in the ceiling and spirit boards that know them a little too well.

Everly and her best friend aren't your typical college students. Instead of raucous Saturday night parties, they spend their weekends conjuring up things from the beyond. Ectoplasm, levitation, death photography---you name it, and Everly knows all about it. But while this obsession with the supernatural is only supposed to be in good fun, the girls soon discover themselves drifting deeper into magic and further from each other. Then when one evening ends with an inadvertently broken promise, everything they've ever known is shattered in an instant, sending them spiraling into a surreal haunting. Now Everly must learn how to control the spectral forces she's unleashed if she wants any chance of escaping a ghost more dangerous than all the witchcraft she can summon.

A tale of friendship, hauntings, and the occult, this limited edition novelette is available now for pre-order through Nightscape Press's Charitable Chapbook series. Limited to 100 paperback copies.

"Kiste expertly weaves tension and mystery into the story of these two girls, encircling the reader in shadows while also stringing her story along like strands of twinkling lights. The Invention of Ghosts captures the essence of Kiste's impressive body of work to date, in this gripping tale of a protagonist the reader should not turn their back on for a second." -- A.E. Siraki, author and reviewer

"THE INVENTION OF GHOSTS is not only a horror story, it's a tale of friendship and memories and dreams. It reminds us that as we try to escape our past, we sometimes create a future that is different kind of a trap. I highly recommended this beautifully rendered tale." -- Suz Jay, author and reviewer

"Just like Kiste's collection and her stunning debut, THE RUST MAIDENS, THE INVENTION OF GHOSTS is a reading experience that seldom occurs. Kiste's writing is what makes the stories transcend most of what the genre holds these days: the author is that special. " -- Dave Simms, Monster Librarian

"[This] short but powerful story seamlessly brings the supernatural into an everyday situation, and gives the reader plenty to ponder. Fans of unusual ghost stories, don't miss out (and it's for a great cause)." -- Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review

"[A] sweet story of friendship soon takes you into a choke-hold of horror... This is unlike any witch story you have ever read." -- S.J. Budd, Come and Behold My Dark World

Bram Stoker Award® Finalist for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

Nominated for Best Novella for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Award

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