Gwendolyn Kiste is the three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens, Reluctant Immortals, And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe, Pretty Marys All in a Row, The Invention of Ghosts, and Boneset & Feathers. Her short fiction and nonfiction have appeared in outlets including Lit Hub, Nightmare, Tor Nightfire, Titan Books, Vastarien, Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, and The Dark among others. She's a Lambda Literary Award winner, and her fiction has also received the This Is Horror award for Novel of the Year as well as nominations for the Premios Kelvin and Ignotus awards.

Originally from Ohio, she now resides on an abandoned horse farm outside of Pittsburgh with her husband, their calico cat, and not nearly enough ghosts. You can also find her online at Facebook and Instagram.

Interviews, Spotlights, and Guest Posts

On Dead Headspace, discussing ghosts, LGBTQ+ stories, and The Haunting of Velkwood

On Horror from the High Desert, discussing horror, The Haunting of Velkwood, ghosts, and Picnic at Hanging Rock

At Rue Morgue, discussing The Haunting of Velkwood, women in horror, and LGBTQ+ representation, with Lindy Ryan

On This Is Horror, discussing The Haunting of Velkwood, novel writing, and persistence

On Silver Screen Time Machine, discussing the 1961 classic film, The Misfits, with host Wendy White

On Raul Reads, discussing October Screams along with other featured authors from the Halloween-themed anthology

On the Lovecraft eZine's "What I'm Reading" feature

On The Murder Coaster podcast's episode "Bonus: Horror Writers on Werewolves"

On the Lovecraft eZine podcast, discussing the Back 2 OmniPark anthology

On The Story Hour, reading "The Girls from the Horror Movie"

On Evil in the Stacks, discussing women in horror, Reluctant Immortals, and trauma in the horror genre with Geneveive Newman

At Monster Complex, discussiong Reluctant Immortals, writing advice, and favorite things about horror with Will Christopher

"Gwendolyn Kiste Plunges a Silver Dagger Into the Heart of Female Stereotypes in Reluctant Immortals" with Leticia Lopez at The Lineup

"Immortality, the 1960s, and the Power of Women's Voices" with Andrea Blythe at Interstellar Flight Press

On Forbidden Planet TV, discussing the Titan Books release of Reluctant Immortals with Andrew Sumner and Laura Jayne Dodd

On Wine, Women, and Words, discussing Reluctant Immortals with Diana Giovinazzo and Alyssa Palombo

On Staring Into the Abyss, discussing the horror genre, the 1960s, and Reluctant Immortals

On Jason's Weird Reads, celebrating the release of Vastarien's latest issue with Jason White, Daniel Braum, and Jon Padgett

On I Should Be Writing, discussing writing advice and Reluctant Immortals with Mur Lafferty

On the What Do You Know About...? podcast, discussing the history of the horror genre

At Authority Magazine, discussing Reluctant Immortals and writing advice

At Ginger Nuts of Horror, discussing the Isolation anthology from Titan Books

At Cemetery Dance, discussing Reluctant Immortals with Daniel Braum

On The Lovecraft eZine podcast, discussing horror movies, vampires, and Reluctant Immortals

On She Wore Black, discussing gothic literature, feminism, and wolves with Agatha Andrews

On Ghoulish, discussing Dracula adaptations, cults, and the blood beauty crazy with Max Booth III

On Unlikeable Female Characters, discussing the horror genre, feminism, and rage-fueled writing with Layne Fargo

"Author Gwendolyn Kiste's Reluctant Immortals brings decay to '60s Los Angeles" at The Pitch Kansas City with Nick Spacek

At Fresh Fiction, discussing writing process, setting, and favorite books

"Gwendolyn Kiste: On Reimagining Classic Gothic Novels" at Writer's Digest

On Amy McCaw's channel, discussing vampires, the gothic, and Reluctant Immortals

On The Monster, She Wrote Podcast, discussing gothic horror, retellings, and Reluctant Immortals with Lisa Kroger and Melanie Anderson

On Talking Scared, Episode 106: Gwendolyn Kiste and the Madwomen Bite Back

"Where to Start with the Award-Winning Horror Author Gwendolyn Kiste" on The Lineup

"Waynesburg's Gwendolyn Kiste rewrites famous horror heroines' stories in Reluctant Immortals" with Joshua Axelrod on The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On Eyre Buds, discussing Jane Eyre, Reluctant Immortals, and favorite adaptations

"Bathtub of Blood," discussing the horror genre, Reluctant Immortals, and writing process, with Scotty Milder on The Weirdest Things

On Dead Headspace, discussing the horror genre, Reluctant Immortals, and how modern politics overlap with the 1960s

On Castle Talk, discussing retellings, drive-ins, and Reluctant Immortals, with Jason Henderson

On Narrative Species, discussing Reluctant Immortals, Dracula, and California with Rick Kleffel

The Question in Bodies Podcast, Episode 3: Bodies in Space, with Howard David Ingham

At the Horror Writers Association blog with Lindy Ryan, celebrating Women in Horror Month

On The Story Hour, reading "The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra's Diary)"

Featured on The Outer Dark's Holiday Special, reading from my story, "Holiday Playlist for the End of the World"

As part of the Halloween panel at Editions du Chat Noir

Featured in The Lineup's "8 Horror Authors Share Their Scariest True Stories"

On Russ Colchamiro's Spooky Stories II with Sarah Read and Daniel Braum

On Flame Tree Publishing's Hellish Helter Skelter panel about writing horror short stories

At the Fox Cities Book Festival's Grimm Tales panel on horror and fairy tales

At the Sturgis Library's From Poe to the Present panel on horror

On The Outer Dark's We Once Were Monster Kids panel from The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

On The Story Hour, reading "The Woman Out of the Attic"

"On the Verge: Body Horror Authors to Read Right Now"

Reading the dark fantasy story, "Tips for How to Deal with Your Daughter When She's Become a Monster," as part of the Nighttime Logic Summer Reading Series

This Is Horror, Episode 399, discussing Boneset & Feathers, witchcraft, and the power of optimism

On Visited By Voices' Horror Writers Roundtable 2, discussing the genre and writing advice

"#Interview: In Conversation with Gwendolyn Kiste" with Christina Ladd on Dark Dispatch

On Gaby Triana's Author Show and Tell, discussing Sharon Tate and my Eye of the Devil memorabilia

On Visited by Voices Live, discussing horror, Halloween, and the writing process

On Ladies of the Fright, discussing the Angela Carter story, "The Lady of the House of Love"

At More2Read, discussing the inspiration for my books with Lou Pendergrast

Featured as part of HWA's Females of Fright! Women in Horror Month Panel

"Clubhouse Guest's Chat: Gwendolyn Kiste" with Paula R.C. Readman

At Janine Pipe's blog, discussing Kandisha Press, Women in Horror Month, and Reluctant Immortals

At Fright Girl Winter, discussing Women in Horror Month

At the event, Underworld Dreams: In Conversation, discussing horror and weird fiction and Boneset & Feathers with Daniel Braum

On the podcast, This Is Why We're Like This, discussing 1990s commercials

Reading from Pretty Marys All in a Row and The Invention of Ghosts at The New York Ghost Story Festival

Featured as part of HWA's Skeleton Hour panel, discussing witchcraft

Featured as part of The Saga Salon, discussing holiday horror

On the podcast, This Is Why We're Like This, discussing the 1990s thriller, Red Wind

"SURVIVE WITH ME: 5 Questions with Bram Stoker Winner, Gwendolyn Kiste"

On Sci-Fi & Scary with Eliza Jo Brandt, discussing the horror genre, Boneset & Feathers, and favorite reads from 2020

On Wyrd Transmissions with Curtis M. Lawson, discussing Boneset & Feathers, storytelling, and inspiration

Featured interview as part of Horror in the Eye of the Beholder by Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska

On Bookstr's feature, 5x5: Women Horror Authors Share Their Wisdom

On Sara Tantlinger's Delicious Horror series, discussing We Have Always Lived in the Castle and creating my own sugary treat to pair with it!

On the Staring into the Abyss podcast, discussing the Shirley Jackson story, "Louisa, Please Come Home"

At The Times-Reporter, discussing hometown horror with Nancy Molnar

On the Cursed Morsels podcast, discussing body horror, fairy tales, and horrifying family dynamics

Reading from The Invention of Ghosts as part of Celebrate Horror 2020 with Mother Horror

Interview with Darker Magazine about "The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra's Diary"

Creature-Feature Conversations: The Descent, with Christa Carmen and Jonathan Raab

On The Westport Library's Ten Questions With... series, with Cody Daigle-Orians and Alex Giannini

At Cemetery Dance's My First Fright series, discussing Gremlins with John Brhel

At Angela Slatter's blog, discussing The Invention of Ghosts, writing inspiration, and underappreciated horror gems

At The Horror Tree, discussing female villains, quirky writing habits, and story endings with Catherine Jordan

On Manuscript Burn, discussing Women in Horror Month, favorite female horror icons, and biggest fears with Stephen Kozeniewski

At Michelle Renee Lane's Girl Meets Monster, discussing Women in Horror Month and writing, along with an excerpt from my forthcoming novel

"Profile: Gwendolyn Kiste" at Ladies of Horror Fiction

At 87 Bedford, discussing the story, "All the Mermaid Wives," as well as writing process and advice

At A.C Wise's site, discussing The Invention of Ghosts, most unusual jobs, and the inspiration behind The Rust Maidens

At Literary Dust, discussing The Invention of Ghosts with Candace Robinson

At Nightmare Magazine, discussing the horror story, "The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra's Diary)," with Sandra Odell

On the Lovecraft eZine Podcast's annual Halloween episode

On Losing the Plot Podcast with Leo X. Robertson, discussing David Cronenberg, The Rust Maidens, The Invention of Ghosts, and body horror

With Sean M. Thompson, discussing The Rust Maidens, The Invention of Ghosts, vampires, and sea monsters

"Gwendolyn Kiste: Confronting Ghosts," at Room 207 Press, discussing body horror, hauntings, and The Rust Maidens with Howard David Ingham

On Circulo de Lovecraft, discussing The Rust Maidens, The Invention of Ghosts, and cosmic horror with Amparo Montejano

On the Unnerving Podcast, discussing StokerCon with Sara Tantlinger and Eddie Generous, and reading the opening from The Invention of Ghosts

On What's New?, discussing The Invention of Ghosts and The Rust Maidens, with Simon Bestwick

On 20 Questions 7 Answers, discussing The Rust Maidens, movie monsters, and fictional characters, with Scott Cole

On GeeklyInc, discussing The Rust Maidens with Christina Ladd

Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 257, with Armand Rosamilia

On the Darkness Dwells podcast, discussing The Rust Maidens, Women in Horror Month, and the future of horror

On Sara Tantlinger's site, discussing The Rust Maidens, horror, future writing plans, and Women in Horror Month

On Angela Slatter's site, discussing literary villains, cover art, and The Rust Maidens

Featured in an author roundtable Q&A about the Haunted House anthology at the Flame Tree Press blog, part one and part two

This is Horror, Episode 253, discussing The Rust Maidens, second-person point of view, and New Year's goals

This is Horror, Episode 252, discussing identity, body horror, growing up, and living on an abandoned horse farm

On The Horror Tree, discussing the writing process with Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi

On Oh, For the Hook of a Book!, discussing Cleveland, historical fiction, and The Rust Maidens with Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi

"I Have an Otter Story," on Miskatonic Musings discussing wildlife, lakes, and The Rust Maidens with Sean M. Thompson and Charles Meyer

On Hellnotes, discussing The Rust Maidens with Gordon B. White

Author Q&A at Gingerbread House Lit Mag

Author Spotlight: Gwendolyn Kiste on the Ladies of Horror Fiction

On The 7Q Interview with Brian Fatah Steele

On Kendall Reviews, discussing the Top Ten Body Horror stories

On The Ladies of Horror Fiction Podcast, Episode 3: Folklore and Horror

On Mangled Matters as part of The Halloween Hangover: a roundtable discussion of our favorite holiday

Interview with Unnerving Magazine, discussing The Rust Maidens, life in Ohio, and the craft of writing

Interview with Sci-Fi & Scary, discussing The Rust Maidens, Halloween, and the top female horror authors writing today

Interview with The Witch Haunt, discussing coffee, crows, Wednesday Addams, and The Rust Maidens

Interview with Kendall Reviews, discussing writing, music, inspirations, and cat museums

"Poison Apples, Bird Feathers, and Sisterhood: An Author Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste," with Stephanie M. Wytovich

"Monsters in Plain Sight," with Daniel Braum on Blood and Stardust

On The Wicked Library, discussing the dark fantasy story, "A Certain Kind of Spark" (Podcast interview with Daniel Foytik starts at 47:55, after the story)

Jiffy-pop and Horror Blogcast 001 with Eddie Generous

WiHM: Writing While Female with Gwendolyn Kiste, Jemiah Jefferson, and H.R. Boldwood, Interview with Monica S. Kuebler

Interview with Sean M. Thompson in the McManbeast Books Newsletter

#HookonWiHM: Focus on Author Gwendolyn Kiste, Interview with Calvin Demmer

How I'm Spending Women in Horror Month, guest post at Erik Hofstatter's site

Featured on Michael Bailey's Women in Horror Month list

The Outer Dark Episode 028: Quaffing Your Fear Like Fine Wine, with Scott Nicolay

On Author Anthony Avina's blog, discussing Pretty Marys All in a Row

Unnerving Magazine Podcast Interview, with Eddie Generous

31 Hath October: Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste, with Brian Lillie

Countdown to Hallowe'en 2017: Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste, with Juliana Spink Mills

On The Lovecraft eZine Podcast, discussing And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe

"Weird Wanderings: Gwendolyn Kiste," interview in Black Static #59 with Peter Tennant

"Fables and Disappearances: The Untethered Tales of Gwendolyn Kiste," interview at with John Linwood Grant

"Gwendolyn Kiste has passion for writing about what's beautiful and scary," interview at The Times Reporter with Joe Wright

Interview at Gruemonkey with Lori Titus, discussing And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe, fairy tales, and the writing life

Feature Interview at Unnerving Magazine, discussing And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe

On Miskatonic Musings, discussing And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe

On Hellnotes, discussing the horror and dark fantasy collection, And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe

Interviewed on Mangled Matters' Women in Horror: A Celebration

On Hellnotes' Deep Cuts feature, discussing the dark fantasy story, "All the Red Apples Have Withered to Gray"

Featured on K.Z. Morano's 100 Female Horror Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now!

Halloween Roundtable Interview with Justin Hamelin on Mangled Matters

On The Wicked Library, discussing the epistolary horror story, "The Man in the Ambry" (Podcast interview with Daniel Foytik starts at 39:00, after the story)

"Episode 403: The Write Way with Gwendolyn Kiste" on 9th Story Studios with Daniel Foytik

"Spotlight on Writing Horror with Gwendolyn Kiste and Scarlett R. Algee" with Juliana Spink Mills

"Interview: Gwendolyn Kiste" with Editor E. Catherine Tobler, available in the full issue of Shimmer #30, March 2016

"Women in Horror Month -- Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste" with Simon Dewar

"Random-Ass Interview: Gwendolyn Kiste" on Spooky Bloggery with Sean Thompson

"Women in Horror Month 2016--Featured Author: Gwendolyn Kiste" on Spreading the Writer's Word with Nina D'Arcangela

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Podcast Interview on Red Horse Radio with Jon Towers

"Author Interview: Gwendolyn Kiste" on Theme of Absence

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At Nightmare Magazine, discussing the horror story, "Ten Things to Know About the Ten Questions," with Kevin McNeil

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"Interview with Speculative Fiction Writer, Gwendolyn Kiste" on Geosi Reads

On Electric Spec, discussing the dark fantasy story, "Once Lost, Gone Forever"

On Mystery and Horror, LLC, discussing the historical horror story, "Of Blood and Men"

On Mystery and Horror, LLC, discussing the humorous horror story, "Bedroom Bureau"


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