Recent Publications

"5 Historical Horror Books to Help You Escape 2020." Tor Nightfire blog. Online. July 2020.

"The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra's Diary)." Darker Magazine. Online. May 2020. Russian Translation.

"The H Word: The Horror of Solitude." Nightmare Magazine. Issue 92. Online. May 2020.

"A New Mother's Guide to Raising an Abomination." Year's Best Hardcore Horror: Volume 5. Digital and Print. May 2020. Reprint.

"The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra's Diary)." Tales to Terrify. Episode 427. Audio. April 2020. Reprint.

"5 Works of Horror by Women that Need Film Adaptations Now." Tor Nightfire blog. Online. March 2020.

"9 Female Horror Authors You Should Read This Women in Horror Month." Tor Nightfire blog. Online. February 2020.

"The Maid from the Ash: A Life in Pictures." Weird Whispers. Issue 1. Online and Digital. January 2020.

"All the Ways to Hollow Out a Girl." Horror for RAICES. Digital. December 2019.

"The Woman Out of the Attic." Pseudopod. Audio and Online. December 2019. Reprint.

"All These Glorious Ghosts: Darkness, the Holidays, and the Spirits We Can't Escape." Kendall Reviews. Online. December 2019. Nonfiction.

"The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra's Diary)." Nightmare Magazine. Issue 86. Online and Audio. November 2019. Reviewed at Quick Sip Reviews, It's a Jumble, Sunday Shorts, and Curious Fictions. Bram Stoker Award® Winner for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

"A New Mother's Guide to Raising an Abomination." The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg. Weirdpunk Books. Print and Digital. November 2019.

"When the Nightingale Devours the Stars." Nox Pareidolia. Nightscape Press. Print and Digital. October 2019. Reviewed at A.E. Siraki's site, More2Read and The Des Lewis Gestalt Real-Time Reviews.

"The Girls from the Horror Movie." Come Join Us By the Fire. Tor Nightfire. Audio. October 2019.

"Over the Violets There That Lie." Behold the Undead of Dracula: Lurid Tales of Cinematic Gothic Horror. Muzzleland Press. Print and Digital. August 2019.

"This Undeniable Skin: The Grotesque and Lovely Wonders of Body Horror." The Ladies of Horror Fiction blog. Online. August 2019. Nonfiction.

"A Lost Student's Handbook for Surviving the Abyss." Welcome to Miskatonic University. Broken Eye Books. Print and Digital. July 2019. Reviewed at The Miskatonic Review.

"Beyond the Forest and Bloodied Paths: A Foray into the World of Folk Horror." Unnerving Magazine, Issue #10. Print and Digital. July 2019. Nonfiction.

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