Recent Publications

"Garden of Grudges." Bracken. Issue VI. Online. December 2018.

"Night Shift Revisited: A Personal Retrospective." Unnerving, Issue #8: Inspired by Stephen King Issue. Print and Digital. November 2018. Nonfiction.

"In Her Flightless Wings, a Fire." Chiral Mad 4. Print and Digital. October 2018. Collaborative novella with author Emily B. Cataneo.

"A Goth for All Seasons: Exploring the Subgenres of Gothic Horror." Unnerving, Issue #7. Print and Digital. August 2018. Nonfiction.

"An Elegy for Childhood Monsters." Suspended in Dusk II. Print and Digital. July 2018.

"The One Who Survives: Final Girls of Film and Fiction." Unnerving, Issue #6. Print and Digital. April 2018. Nonfiction.

"A Certain Kind of Spark." The Wicked Library. Episode 807. Podcast. April 2018. Reprint.

"In the Belly of the Wolf." Kaleidotrope. Spring 2018 Issue. Online. April 2018. Featured on A. Merc Rustad's A Few Favorite Fictions: June 2018.

"Moving Day." The Lift. Season 3, Episode 2. Podcast. March 2018.

"To Blaze a Sweet Heretic's Heart." Mantid Magazine. Issue #3. Print. February 2018.

"No Happily Ever After Here: Death and Dismay in Fairy Tales." Unnerving, Issue #5. Print and Digital. January 2018. Nonfiction.

"The H Word: W is for Witch." Nightmare Magazine. Issue 64. Online. January 2018. Nonfiction.

"40 Ways to Leave Your Monster Lover." Hardened Hearts. Unnerving. Print and Digital. December 2017. Reviewed at Come and Behold My Dark World,, Maria Haskins' blog and The Scary Reviews. Featured in Ancient Logic's "Writing Horror" article.

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